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Modern Black Madonnas

by contemporary artists

There are many. Just image google 'Black Madonna paintings' and you'll find dozens. Of course they are not yet liturgically "Black", i.e. they haven't received that title from the Catholic Church due to their miraculous powers or origins or great popularity among the faithful. Nonetheless they can be inspiring and beautiful, and they can be purchased on the web! Sometimes I feel bad that our passion for Black Madonnas has resulted in the theft of quite a few of them, but when I look at this little collection I am heartened by the fact that for every Dark Mother that was stolen ten more were created. Here are some of my favorites.

Sue Ellen Parkinson

Sue Ellen Parkinson's Black Madonna
The Black Madonna
Sue Ellen Parkinson Black Madonna with dove
The Black Madonna with Dove
Sue Ellen Parkinson Mother of Mysteries
Mother of Mysteries

Katherine Skaggs

Black Madonna and Child
Katherine Skaggs 2
Divine Feminine
Katherine Skaggs 3
Textures of Mary

Father John Giuliani

Fr. John Giuliani Hopi Madonna
Hopi Madonna
Comanche Mother and Child
Comanche Mother and Child
Fr. Joh Giuliani Guatemalan Madonna
Guatemalan Madonna

Shiloh Sophia Mccloud

shiloh sophia 1
Our Lady of Faith
shiloh sophia Mccloud
Sweet Communion
Shiloh Mccloud
Madonna and Child