Registration Information for Europe Trip:

(To register for the Mexico trip please call Ella at:
707 874-3397)

Europe Dates:
Summer 2010, exact dates to be arranged

If you want to go with us but can’t make our date, please let us know so we can inform you of future dates. Summer temperatures in Medjugorje are around 100 degrees and there is no air conditioning, but if enough people want to go anyway, we’ll go.

$1,700 per person in double room
$1,970 per person in single room
Plus air fare of about $1,200 leaving from San Francisco
Total: about $2,900. All prices are subject to change.

This includes:
• Registration fee
• Hotels :
5 nights in a convent in Rome
1 night in a convent in Foligno
1 night in a convent in Loreto:
1 night on a beautiful ship to Croatia
4 nights in a hotel in Medjugorje
1 night in a hotel in Dubrovnik
• All breakfasts and dinners
• Transportation within Europe
• Local guide in Medjugorje

If you fly with us from San Francisco direct to Rome, returning from Dubrovnic to San Francisco, it will cost about 1,200.- (Airfare can only be guaranteed after you have paid the full amount of the trip fee.)
If you want to join us in Rome and fly home from Dubrovnik, please make your own arrangements. I recommend that you call Ira at Adriatic Travel in Chicago; she knows everything about our trip. The number is (800) 247-5353.

To Register:
1. read our "terms and conditions" by CLICK HERE.
2. Print and fill out the registration form below (one copy for each person).
3. Send your registration form along with a $ 500.- deposit per person, payable to
Ellen Rozett.
Mail your check to: Interfaith Marian Pilgrimages
c/o Ella Rozett
P.O. Box 646
Graton, CA. 95444
CLICK HERE for our Registration Form

What to bring:
• One suitcase and one carry on bag. Pack your most essential items in the carry on, including a change of underclothes in case the arrival of your suitcase gets delayed. Make a copy of your passport and always keep it in a different place than your passport.
• Money: travelers’ checks, credit cards, and cash all work. Sometimes you’ll be on your own for lunch or dinner. There’ll also be tips, souvenirs, etc. to pay for. 200 – 500.- dollars should be plenty.
• A day pack for carrying water, etc.
• Don’t bring more than you can carry comfortably. It’s better to bring too little clothes than too many. Bring a tube or a zip lock bag of laundry detergent. It’s easy enough to wash something out in the sink.
• Ear plugs for sleeping at night and meditating in churches filled with tourists.
• Comfortable walking shoes with traction that are already broken in.
• Temperatures should be in the 50’s at night; and high 60’s to mid 80’s during the day (degrees in Fahrenheit). Humidity should be low, but it might rain, so bring a little fold up umbrella or raincoat.
• They don’t like to see tank tops or shorts in churches or on sacred mountains in Europe. If you wear sleeveless shirts, bring a shawl to cover your shoulders. The Vatican won’t allow access to anybody who doesn’t wear a long skirt or long pants.
• Sun protection, i.e. hat, sun screen, etc. and insect repellent. European houses generally do not have screen doors or windows.
• Adapter/converter for electrical accessories like razors, etc.
• Pocket knifes are good, but remember that even the smallest one will be confiscated if you try to carry it onto the passenger compartment of the plane. The same is true for nail files, scissors, anything half way sharp. So pack all that stuff in the suitcase.
• Travel alarm clock.
• If you would like information about travel insurance, go to

It is good to prepare spiritually for a pilgrimage by spending some quiet time in prayer and meditation once or better twice a day. Pray that your heart and mind will be opened, so that you can receive all that your Higher Power (however you call it) has to offer you before, during, and after this pilgrimage.

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